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Hello, thanks for visiting! As of August 2019, Counterbalance is no longer operating while Andrea works in a full-time role. Andrea is continuing to maintain this site and Counterbalance may be back in a few years.

Counterbalance Research and Evaluation is a New Zealand-based consultancy providing evaluation and social research services for clients in the public, private, and academic sectors.

Counterbalance specialises in evaluating policies and programmes in economic development, science and innovation, and the social sector.

Counterbalance can help you by:

  • designing evaluation and performance measurement systems and frameworks
  • conducting specific research and evaluation projects, using methods including surveys, in-depth interviews, literature review, quantitative and qualitative analyses, and comprehensive reporting of findings.
  • project managing your research or evaluation project
  • providing plain-English reporting tailored to your audience.

Counterbalance is a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Dr. Andrea Knox.