Modelled Territorial Authority GDP estimates

Data analysis and modelling to create MBIE’s 2020 and 2021 modelled territorial authority GDP estimates, followed by reporting on the key insights for local economies.

Years: 2020-2021

This work was done by Andrea while employed as a Senior Research and Data Analyst at MBIE . It involved:

  • working with Stats NZ to obtain fit-for-purpose regional GDP estimates and Linked Employee-Employer Data (LEED)
  • data checking and quality assurance
  • running and troubleshooting a series of R scripts that used iterative proportional fitting to generate the estimates from regional GDP and LEED datasets
  • refactoring the code to improve its clarity and reliability
  • creation of detailed instructions to help future analysts generate the estimates
  • exploratory analysis to assess emerging trends in the data
  • reporting on the key findings, including a major re revamp and re-scripting of the outputs in 2021.

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