Evaluation framework for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act

Developed a framework to guide the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act and its implementation via the Healthy Homes Standards, information and education campaigns, and enforcement of compliance. 

Year: 2018


This work involved:

  • document review and consultation with MBIE and external agencies to uncover the underlying logic, the intended and (potential) unintended outcomes, and stakeholders’ information needs
  • development of an intervention logic model and theory of change
  • development of the evaluation’s purpose and key evaluation questions
  • identification of indicators, data sources, and analytic methods, including quantitative and qualitative approaches and the use of new and existing data
  • recommending governance arrangements for the evaluation
  • recommending wider research on aspects of the housing market and housing-related health, to inform the evaluation of the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act and other initiatives that influence rental housing and housing quality.

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