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Analysis of international tertiary students’ migration and employment outcomes

Analysed data on the post-study migration and employment outcomes of international tertiary students and reported the findings. The report was used to improve the government’s understanding of international student outcomes and to evaluate and improve immigration policy. Year: 2017

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A New Zealand research agenda for digital inclusion

Developed a research agenda that sets out digital inclusion research priorities, key research questions, and suggested research projects. The research agenda will help the Department of Internal Affairs to support and build a strong body of New Zealand digital inclusion research. Year: 2019

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Market research on genomics challenges and opportunities in New Zealand

This research project focused on the near-future challenges and opportunities for genomics in New Zealand and identified ways in which a national facility for genomics could help New Zealand to overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities. Year: 2016

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Guidance on evaluation and critical appraisal of evidence

Produced guidance on evaluation and the critical appraisal of research and evaluation evidence, tailored for policy, funding agency, and NGO (non-government organisation) staff. Superu used these resources in their work on lifting the standards of research and evaluation in the New Zealand social sector. Year: 2015

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Development of a mental health module for the New Zealand Health Survey

Developed a module for the New Zealand Health Survey that measured key aspects of New Zealanders’ mental health and mental health service use. The module was fielded in 2016/17 and was New Zealand’s first measurement of population mental health since 2003. Year: 2015

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Longitudinal research on housing

Several contributions were made to Housing New Zealand’s longitudinal research project including provision of interviewing services, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, development of a logic model and evaluation framework, and reporting on topics of interest. The research was used to improve services for tenants and applicants. Year: 2013

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Research interviews with Housing New Zealand tenants and applicants

Interviewing services were provided to Housing New Zealand’s large scale longitudinal research project on tenants and applicants. Year: 2012

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E Tū Kahikatea – Evaluation of the Contribution of Te Wānanga o Aotearoa to Aotearoa New Zealand Communities and Society

A large scale, mixed method research and evaluation project examined Te Wānanga o Aotearoa practices, and evaluated the outcomes from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa education. This report helped to fill a significant and longstanding gap in New Zealand’s understanding of how Te Wānanga o Aotearoa works and what it achieves. Years: 2008 – 2010

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