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IDI-based research on the health effects of damp, cold homes

Analysed the associations between damp, cold homes and the health of occupants using nationally representative survey datasets and linked data in the Stats NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). This work used propensity score matching to estimate health effects while controlling for other factors, such as poverty, which can complicate such analysis. Year: 2022

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Evaluation framework for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act

Developed a framework to guide the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act and its implementation via the Healthy Homes Standards, information and education campaigns, and enforcement of compliance.  Year: 2018

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Longitudinal research on housing

Several contributions were made to Housing New Zealand’s longitudinal research project including provision of interviewing services, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, development of a logic model and evaluation framework, and reporting on topics of interest. The research was used to improve services for tenants and applicants. Year: 2013

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Research interviews with Housing New Zealand tenants and applicants

Interviewing services were provided to Housing New Zealand’s large scale longitudinal research project on tenants and applicants. Year: 2012

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