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Measuring equity of access to accident compensation

While New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Scheme provides comprehensive no-fault injury compensation, there is evidence for disparities in access: some groups of people are less likely to lodge a claim for compensation when they’re injured. Measuring this disparity is challenging due to a dearth of data and the many factors that influence claim rates. I provided …

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IDI-based research on the health effects of damp, cold homes

Analysed the associations between damp, cold homes and the health of occupants using nationally representative survey datasets and linked data in the Stats NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). This work used propensity score matching to estimate health effects while controlling for other factors, such as poverty, which can complicate such analysis. Year: 2022

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Modelled Territorial Authority GDP estimates

Data analysis and modelling to create MBIE’s 2020 and 2021 modelled territorial authority GDP estimates, followed by reporting on the key insights for local economies. Years: 2020-2021

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Establishment of data systems and data team leadership for KnowYourStuffNZ

Set up and ran data collection, analysis and reporting functions for KnowYourStuffNZ: a grass-roots community organisation that provides drug-related harm reduction services across Aotearoa. Established and led KnowYourStuffNZ’s data team from 2020 to 2022. The data team’s work has enabled quality assurance, continuous improvement, and accountability. It has also been a crucial contributor to KnowYourStuff’s …

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Analysis of international tertiary students’ migration and employment outcomes

Analysed data on the post-study migration and employment outcomes of international tertiary students and reported the findings. The report was used to improve the government’s understanding of international student outcomes and to evaluate and improve immigration policy. Year: 2017

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Market research on genomics challenges and opportunities in New Zealand

This research project focused on the near-future challenges and opportunities for genomics in New Zealand and identified ways in which a national facility for genomics could help New Zealand to overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities. Year: 2016

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Longitudinal research on housing

Several contributions were made to Housing New Zealand’s longitudinal research project including provision of interviewing services, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, development of a logic model and evaluation framework, and reporting on topics of interest. The research was used to improve services for tenants and applicants. Year: 2013

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Evaluation of outcomes from New Zealand use of the Australian Synchrotron

Evaluated New Zealand researchers’ usage of and outcomes from the Australian Synchrotron. This informed New Zealand’s negotiations for further access to the facility. Year: 2011

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Assessing the impact of New Zealand’s investment in destination marketing

Current practices in measuring the return on investment in tourism destination marketing were reviewed and advice on improving New Zealand’s practices was developed. The advice formed the basis of a paper to the Minister and informed the piloting of new methods by the Ministry of Economic Development. Year: 2011

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E Tū Kahikatea – Evaluation of the Contribution of Te Wānanga o Aotearoa to Aotearoa New Zealand Communities and Society

A large scale, mixed method research and evaluation project examined Te Wānanga o Aotearoa practices, and evaluated the outcomes from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa education. This report helped to fill a significant and longstanding gap in New Zealand’s understanding of how Te Wānanga o Aotearoa works and what it achieves. Years: 2008 – 2010

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