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Evaluation framework for the labour market migration policy changes

Year: 2017

A framework was developed to guide an evaluation of the effectiveness of the 2017 changes to the Essential Skills Work visas and Skilled Migrant Category Residence visas. The framework specifies a mixed method evaluation that will gather information from diverse sources over three years. It will ascertain the extent to which the policy changes have achieved their goals and avoided unintended, negative consequences.


This work involved:

  • Consultation and working closely with MBIE staff to uncover the underlying logic of the policy changes, and stakeholders’ information needs.
  • Development of an intervention logic and theory of change for the policy changes.
  • Articulation of the policy changes’ intended outcomes and risks of unintended negative outcomes.
  • Refinement of the evaluation’s purpose and scope.
  • Development of key evaluation questions.
  • Identification of indicators and data collection methods, including quantitative and qualitative approaches and the use of new and existing data.
  • A description of how the evaluation will synthesise findings across multiple methods, and how it will address the counterfactual (that is, what would have happened without the policy changes?)
  • Development of a timeline and a draft costing for the evaluation.
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