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Longitudinal research on housing

Year: 2013

Several contributions were made to Housing New Zealand’s longitudinal research project, including provision of interviewing services, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, development of a logic model and evaluation framework, and reporting on specific topics of interest. The research has been used to improve services for tenants and applicants.

For Housing New Zealand

The contributions to the research, made by Counterbalance, included:

  • face to face and telephone interviews with tenants and applicants
  • design and implementation of data structures and data entry protocols for aggregation of tenure pathway data across several hundred study participants
  • development of a logic model for household outcomes from social housing
  • analysis of the interactions between housing tenure, life circumstances, and household outcomes
  • design, completion, and reporting on a targetted project that used the longitudinal research to gain a better understanding of tenant and applicant experiences of debt.

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